How does this App Work?

In home

Groomer goes to your home and provides the service inside your home. Bathtub and water supply has to be provided to groomer.

Groomer will have a grooming table and equipment necessary to provide the job. Groomer will clean working area after finishing pampering your pet.

It’s important to provide a calm place for groomer to work in order to reduce stress to your pet.


Groomer will arrive to your location in a fully equipped vehicle to provide the service inside the vehicle.

Once groomer arrives groomer will take you pet inside the van and in no time your pet will be groomed and return your front door.


You will have the option to select a time frame in which you need your pet groomed. Follow the map and drop off your pet at the selected grooming store.

Run your errands or simply relax around and pick up your pet on your promised time.

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One of the obvious benefits of mobile dog grooming is that we come to you.