Why Groom Your Pet Through Us?


Dogmii has created a platform to connect you with the nearest and fastest groomer available on demand and if you decide to schedule appointments its also possible. You will no longer have to call several grooming companies to find availability, pricing or
wonder where you groom is at as you will be able to track them once they start their trip to your location. We will also offer an easy payment process through the app finalizing it with an option to review your experience of each particular groomer. We have come to enhance the grooming experience for every single customer, Its just relaxing time for you.

How Does Dogmii Work?

Step 1

Sign up through email, phone, or facebook and create your profile

Step 2

Select from our three different service options, add your pet(s), add your address, select your scheduling need, choose the package of choice and process payment 

Step 3

Groomer begins to pamper your pet and once done you will be prompted to review the service and tip your groomer if desired. 

Success Stories

Our Service Packs


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10 services included


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Our Rates are based on each individual pet by breed and age. 

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